Shane Sears


    Professional Security Experience
  • Retired Louisiana State Trooper
  • 3 years in LSP Patrol
  • 5 years as a K-9 Handler
  • 2 years in LSP Narcotics
  • 1 year in LSP Detectives
  • 6 years as LSP SWAT Operator
  • 5 years as an Explosive Breacher
Sears spent more than 10 years with the State Police during which time he received training by the DEA, FBI, IRS, Explosive Services International, AT Solutions, as well as the US military. Throughout his career as a trooper, Sears served as an officer survival instructor preparing new troopers for managing armed confrontations. After spending years as a SWAT operator and recruit trainer, Sears designs scenario-based training modules for armed private security. Prior to becoming a trooper, Sears earned his Bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech University where he also played football on an athletic scholarship.

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