Private Investigation

Sentinel Investigative Services, Inc. is an intelligence-gathering and business-focused confidential investigative service. It is a stand-alone company all its own, operating as it’s own entity.

SIS specializes in both covert (secret real-time evidence collection) and overt (open, official interviews of witnesses and suspects) investigative operations. Our team is open to the needs of your investigation. And your security throughout the performance of our investigative services is our utmost priority.


Depending on the type of investigation, our prior law enforcement and military investigators will use a variety of techniques to collect and provide all data that can be known about an incident within a given time line.

Each of Sentinel Investigative Services’ cases is worked with the goal of producing information for our clients to make informed decisions. In potential criminal matters, our aim is to help bring to justice those who have violated the law. Regardless of the nature of your investigation, SIS will work tirelessly to procure your desired results.


Our staff is comprised of trained and experienced investigators that have your security concerns in mind. With a rigorous obedience to the Louisiana and national laws, uncompromising investigative integrity, and with respect for the dignity and confidentiality of all those involved, we look forward to assisting you in any aspect of private or corporate investigation.

Our services include:
  • Skip tracing
  • Process service
  • Information collection for law firms
  • Corporate investigations (fraud, theft, espionage)
  • Embezzlement
  • Theft of goods, information, or data
  • Custody or Civil Cases (taken on a referral basis only)
  • Background Checks (taken on a referral basis only)

L.S.B.P.I.E. License # 8132-071613-LA