Armed Services

Sentinel Armed Services, Inc. is distinct from Sentinel Guard Services, Inc. in that it is devoted to a higher order of security, specifically to the provision of armed protection of people at occupied locations. Armed security officers may have an additional assignment that includes the securing of property, but are generally reserved to operate in environments where probability of armed threats is high and/or the protection of life is paramount.


Sentinel Armed Services offers trained armed security officers who are proudly certified in the state of Louisiana. Our armed security officers stand apart from other security companies due to the extensive in-house training they receive here at Sentinel. Our officers are trained in tactics ranging from diffusing aggressors and handling suspicious activity to clearing rooms and handling suspicious vehicles. Our guards are also trained in advanced firearms tactics. The training our officers receive enables them to react in real-life scenarios with the utmost safety and regard for our clients. Our operations are conducted in a manner that leaves no question as to why you would hire our armed officers.


Armed Security

Uniformed officers at stationary posts, on foot patrol, or patrolling in marked vehicles.

Armed Courier and/or Armed Escort Service

Armed escorts for high value assets or sensitive commercial cargo. Deposit delivery, change orders, and bank service.

ATM Service

Sentinel owned and operated ATMs in convenience stores, hotels, truck stops, etc.   Cash loading for clients who want the security of our company filling their machines.