Unarmed Services

Sentinel Guard Services, Inc.. our unarmed guard service, is a frequently requested service of business owners desiring physical security. The most effective form of access control and crime deterrence known to the security industry is having an alert, trained, uniformed guard on conspicuous patrol. In fact, if we knew a better way to secure your location and displace crime to another location, we would suggest its implementation.


Licensed by the State of Louisiana, Sentinel Security Group and it’s security partners are among the most dedicated of forces in terms of officers with law enforcement and military experience. Whether you are looking for individual security, or if you are interested in providing security for your company or community, Sentinel works faithfully to provide you with the best security and the utmost peace of mind. Our security services range from smaller, individual services to larger-scale services including personal protection, large corporations, private residences, parties, special events, and city buildings (just to name a few). We are able to provide the security service that best serves your purpose.

Sentinel Guard Services are the best option for your business if you are looking for security services that have a less-intimidating presence. Our guard services are comprised of unarmed officers who are of the highest caliber for your security needs. Our unarmed officers are ideal for shopping malls, parking lot security, special events, and churches, among many other environments! Sentinel unarmed officers are appropriately trained and they are willing to provide you the best security service to suit you or your company’s needs!